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Stop spending lot’s of time on makeup and check out lifehacks that will ease your life:
– Clean hairbrush using toothpaste
– Exfoliate chapped lips using a toothbrush
– Mix water, soda, and toothpaste to cleanse your skin
– Put the dryer sheet over your brush and the cleaning will take a few seconds
– Store brushes in a vase full of coffee beans
– Use a spoon to line your lips perfectly
– get rid of pills on your clothing using a comb
– if you have bruises on your legs, you can create a beautiful print on your tights
– use a spoon to make perfect smoky eyes
– hair conditioning is perfect for shaving legs
– use lighter to fix the broken lipstick
– use cola to clean your silver jewelry

Having stunning hair every single day without an effort is something all girls dream of. There a lot of super-easy hairstyles for short hair that won’t take more than 2 minutes. We have hairstyles for any occasion!
Applying makeup is an everyday routine that takes a lot of time and the most annoying thing is that sometimes after perfect concealer or highlighter, shadows fall down and ruin everything. You can buy shadow shiels but we have a solution how to make them at home if you don’t want to buy them or simply go to makeup store. Our idea is at least surprising. Still, it’s a really economical way to protect your makeup. Use a sanitary pad instead of shadow shields. Shadow shields cost a lot more and sanitary napkins could be found in any supermarket and you already have them at home. Cut the sanitary napkin as it’s shown in the video and stick it on your face. Now you won’t have any trouble trying to master perfect smoky eyes.
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01:04 Fast way to clean hairbrush
01:47 Lipstick hack
04:19 Use spoon to apply makeup
06:05 Quick hairstyles for short hair
10:15 Smart way to curl hair

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