The 12 Best Shower Caps to Preserve Your Hairstyle

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If you’re big on rocking protective styles, maintaining your blowout, and extending the life of your curls, you already know that a shower cap is an essential hair accessory. Even if you don’t fit into any of those categories, you probably have one hanging in your bathroom for preserving special occasion styles. But does that cap actually work? Or does it leave your edges damp, nape soaked, and hair frizzy? Fret no more. Gone are the days of trying to reuse those flimsy plastic shower caps that lose their strength after each wash. We’re moving on to bigger, better, and more sustainable things. Below, we’ve rounded up the 20 best shower caps to invest in for every need, concern, and price point.

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Best Reversible

Reversible Satin-Lined Shower Cap


If you have a ton of hair, this is the perfect shower cap for you. This oversized option has an adjustable strap so that you can keep all of your locks protected in the shower. Plus, it’s reversible so you can match the color to your mood! 


Best Kit

Leopard Print Totally Pampered Gift Set

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

So maybe you need a little extra pampering. Why not splurge and grab this kit that includes a shower cap, loofah, makeup removing cloths, and a headband? Your self care routine just got a whole lot more luxurious! 


Best for Thick Hair (Runner-up)

Waterproof Reusable Women Shower Caps

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small appearance of this cap. Its scrunched up band allows it to expand to accommodate the thickest of tresses. 


Luxury Shower Cap For Women

Grace & Company

A shower cap that makes you feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel. Adjust the bow for a tighter fit.


Best Stylish

Luxury Shower Cap


Now 15% off

Fashion and function effortlessly come together with this bonnet-like shower cap. You can choose from several sophisticated prints that range from chic stripes to cool-tone florals. While the front is adorned with a flirty bow, the back has an elastic band that allows you to comfortably tuck in all of your hair.


Best Overall

Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap

Betty Dain

Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers anointed this the number one shower cap on the site. It has a mold-resistant, PEVA lining (a safer alternative to carcinogenic PVC), a firm elastic band, and a roomy interior. It’s also very easy to clean since it’s machine washable.


Best Adjustable

Adjustable Shower Bonnet, Green

If a weak elastic band is your pet peeve, you’ll love the adjustable straps of this waterproof bonnet. Make a tight knot when you’re taking a steamy shower, and then loosen it up when you’re doing your skincare routine. We love that it doesn’t leave behind an annoying indent.


Best Variety

Shower Cap


Now 14% off

If you’re not fond of sharing, purchase this shower cap quad so everyone in your home can have their own. We love that the eco-friendly material has a luxe, satin-appearing finish.


Best for Thick Hair

Premium Collection Super Jumbo Shower Cap

Donna Collection

How big is this shower cap? Probably large enough to accommodate Rihanna’s lush faux locs in Ocean’s 8, Ariana Grande’s signature flowing ponytail, the late Amy Winehouse’s trademark beehive, and Diana Ross’ famous afro. Check the review pictures if you don’t believe us.


Satin-Lined Adjustable Shower Cap


Not only does this cap keep the water from touching your hair, but the soft satin lining prevents any tugging or tension to preserve any hairstyles while you scrub-a-dubb-dubb. 


AfroShower Large Royal Blue

Swimma produces protective headwear for swimmers with natural hairstyles—locs, twists, natural hair, etc.—so who better to trust when trying to protect your hair in the shower? 


Best Eco-Friendly

Shower Cap Terrycloth-Lined

If you want to make an environmentally friendly purchase, this BPA- and PVC-free shower cap should be your top choice. Scientists believe that BPA, a chemical used to make plastic, may act as a hormone disruptor. When absorbed into the water supply, it can negatively effect aquatic life. 


Best for Braids

Braid Shower Cap

M&M Headgear

Waist-cascading box braids or passion twists can comfortably fit into this sack-like shower accessory. It features a velcro button that allows you to easily pull your protected tresses off your shoulders like a traditional cap.


Best for Thin Hair

The Stir


SHHHOWERCAP is hands down one of the most well-thought-out hair accessories. It’s made with a non-plastic, nano tech fabric that effortlessly repels water and has an anti-bacterial coating to prevent mildew. Moreover, its distinct turban silhouette and eccentric prints make it wearable outside the bathroom (to, let’s say, the pool). Although reviewers rave about its multi-functionality and fun design, it’s important to keep in mind that thicker-maned individuals find it difficult to hold all of their hair. 


Best Anti-Frizz

Large Satin Lined Shower Cap

Glow By Daye

Satin is one of the best materials for your hair since it helps to retain its moisture and reduce friction (which prevents frizz). We love that this cap helps to preserve your style in the shower, but can also be used to protect your hair at night.


Palm Leaves Print Reusable Shower Cap

Bring the tropical vibes straight to your bathroom with this adjustable shower cap dipped in bright green palm trees. 


Best for Extra Moisture

Moisture Boost Shower Cap

Coco and Eve

Work smarter not harder with this moisture boosting shower cap from Coco and Eve. Use this cap when masking to lock in moisture and get overnight results in just five minutes. Or use it to protect your blowout when you shower between washes! 


Best Vintage Style

Cherry Print Shower Cap

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

For anyone who’s obsessed with a 1950s, Doris Day-inspired aesthetic, this is the shower cap for you. The elastic feature will keep the cap from slipping off, letting you shower in peace. No wet strands here! 


Goody Large Bonnet Shower Cap (Pack of 6)

This product possesses everything you want in a shower cap: a secure elastic band, sturdy design, and large size. It’s also great to use for deep conditioning treatments since the interior is easy to wash out.


Reusable Shower Cap

This eco-friendly option is made with recycled and sustainable materials and comes with a storage case for easy usage on-the-go. The soft, organic cotton lining will prevent frizz and keep your hair looking fresh. 

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