The 7 Best Boob Tapes to Lift You Up (And Keep You There)

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No matter how exceptional a bra may be, there are just some occasions that call for you to go without. Even the best strapless bras and sticky bras can sometimes fall short of that perfect no-show effect that your plunging v-necks and backless dresses require. Luckily, the magic of boob tape allows you to maintain that gravity-defying look against all of your ‘barely there’ silhouettes. Not surprisingly, boob tape is exactly what it sounds like: a one-sided adhesive meant to lift and hold your breasts exactly where you need them to be.

If taping up one of the most sensitive parts of your body sounds intimidating (or, more so, removing it), don’t worry. Unless you’re planning to go hardcore with gaffer’s tape like Kim Kardashian, you can take comfort in the fact that boob-specific tape has been designed uniquely for, well, boobs. We’ve already put in the legwork and gathered a few of the best tried-and-true tapes for every cup size below (all of which are hypoallergenic and waterproof, of course).

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How to Apply Boob Tape

The art of effectively (and safely) applying boob tape may seem daunting, but the good news is that a lot of brands provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply, and how to remove. Be sure to follow any instructions that come with your specific product.

Make sure you’re applying boob tape to clean, dry skin to get extra stick. Any moisturizers or oils sitting on your skin will weaken your results in terms of strength and hold. Before you apply your tape strips, always protect your nipples with either nipple covers or a cotton gauze pad (you’ll be thankful for this when it’s time to remove the tape). Using longer strips, apply the tape for whatever look and support you need—whether that’s criss-crossed, pulled taut over your shoulders, or layered horizontally for strapless support.

How to Remove Boob Tape

When it’s time to remove the tape, be extra careful that you’re not ripping away layers and taking your skin along with them. Some brands make products specifically designed to help with removal, but you can also use an oil-based product to work into the tape, or take a warm shower to help loosen the adhesive. Start from the corner, and slowly peel off your tape one strip at a time. Once you’ve cleaned off any excess adhesive, it’s a good idea to hydrate your skin to calm any irritation or damage that may have occurred.

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