Cozy, Bright, Happy Gifts You’ll Love to Give (Then Borrow)

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Two reasons you’re a fantastic gift-giver? Your shopping enthusiasm and unmistakable taste. Knowing exactly what will brighten someone’s day is a superpower—and it’s not one that everyone possesses. So, you embrace it. You revel in the joy that spreads across someone’s face as soon as they open your thoughtfully wrapped present, or reading that excited “thank you” text they send after receiving your surprise package. For you, holiday shopping is a veritable delight—it brings you as much pleasure as it does the lucky individual on the receiving end of your thoughtfulness.

Naturally, almost everything worth gifting is on your radar, from the most obviously wanted items that make your friends’ eyes light up to the little things that your family members mentioned in passing and you locked in on and scooped up. But in case you still have a few blank spots on your gift list, we’re coming to the rescue. This year, Free People has you covered when it comes to stylish gifts. Seriously, you can score everything that tops the wish lists of your nearest and dearest, from fanciful accessories (jewelry! sequins!) to the coziest knits. Here are ten picks you’ll be so excited to give this holiday season. A word to the wise: you just might want to negotiate borrowing rights. It’s one way to turn these into gifts that keep on giving.

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Woodstock Knit Trapper


Raya Cozy Coat


Paloma Cashmere Cardi


LH Exclusive Pinky Ring


Vegan Exchange Shearling Jacket


Gold Rush Bralette


Care FP Jackson Cardi


Loopy Mango Rainbow Stripe Fringe Scarf


Lana Coat


Canyon Pullover

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